Sambusek (5 pieces)

Dough stuffed with minced meat, served with tahina sauce

Safiha Baalbakeih (5 pieces)

Minced meat mixed with onions, tomatoes and peppers

Fatayer Spinach (5 pieces)

fatayer stuffed with spinach, sumac, onion, walnut, and pomegranate

Cheese Rolls (5 pieces)

Rolls stuffed with cheese and parsley

Chicken Mousakhan

Chicken mixed with sumac, onions in saj bread

Mixed Mouaajanat Platter

Safiha, shakhtouret jebneh, spinach, and mousakhan

Lahm bil Ajeen

Three Medium Manakish, Minced Beef with onion and tomato

Kafta Halloumi

Two manakish, meat mixed with parsley and onion with halloumi Cheese

One Meter Cheese

One meter Zaatar