Marinated Lamb cubes served with roasted tomatoes and onions

Shish Taouk

Chicken breast marinated with garlic, served with Garlic Bread

Kebab Khashkhash

Minced meat with onion and spices in spicy tomato sauce


Minced lamb mixed with parsley, onion and spices


Minced meat with onion, stuffed with melted cheese

Lamb Cutlet

Fresh lamb cutlet marinated in spices and thyme

Grand kabab

Fresh lamb meat minced with mixed capsicum,nuts and mozarella cheese

Kabab Bil Laban

Minced meat with onion and spices mixed with yogurt and grilled eggplant

Mixed Grill

Falafel served with tahini sauce and vegetables


Baby Chicken

Whole Baby chicken marinated with garlic and thyme


Grilled Kebbe

Two pieces Kebbe stuffed with minced meat, onion, pine nuts, served with yogurt and cucumber

Grilled Seabass

char grilled whole seabass stuffed with vegetables


Arayess kafta

Fresh Lamb meat Minced with parsley, onion & stuffed in our home made bread

Arayess Soujok

Fresh Lamb Minced meat with spices and pickles


Turkey and Cheese Arayess

Smoked Turkey breast slices with cheese,lettuce, tomato, pickles and Mayo