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Lebanese food: famous on every continent

Nobody would argue that the Lebanese kitchen is famous and appreciated all over the world. It offers a combination of dishes that can be found in kitchens of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean. The variety in choice, the fresh taste, and a twist of entertainment is what separates a good Lebanese restaurant from an average dinner joint. Which brings us to the point: why is Lebanese dining so popular?

Some of the most famous Lebanese restaurants in Dubai are located in the Downtown area. For a traditional Lebanese breakfast, lunch or dinner visit one of the Lebanese restaurants in the Burj Khalifa area are a good destination. They offer a complete dining experience at an affordable price.
Many people wonder where the fine eating tradition derives from? Over the centuries Lebanon was occupied by many foreign powers, such as the Romans, the Greeks, the Turks, and the Egyptians. All of these occupying forces left traces in the modern day Lebanese kitchen This enhanced kitchen tradition is one of the factors that makes the food tasty, and famous.
In Lebanon it is also tradition to serve small bites and snacks in addition to a drink. Like the famous Spanish tapas or the aperitivo of Italy, the Lebanese mezze – like the Greek and Turkish equivalent – consists of a range of small dishes that are served before the main dish. Besides a wide variety of mezzes the main dish often consists of freshly grilled poultry or lamb. Like in most of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean, the menu is often influenced by the season of the year. All these factors combined make a Lebanese breakfast, lunch and dinner such a nice experience.
Despite the fact that Lebanon is a very small country, of 10.452 square kilometers, many people all over the world know its cuisine and are likely to agree that its food is delicious. Despite this fact, it is not such an easy task to find a Lebanese restaurant in Dubai that offers it all: from a nice breakfast in Dubai, to tasty lunch and dinner.


It goes without saying that Lebanese restaurants are popular with Expats and foreign tourists as well. The moment Western, Asian, and even Arabic tourists set foot in Dubai they are curious about the following topics: what is the best place for breakfast in Dubai? Where can we eat the best lunch in Dubai? What is a nice location for a relaxed Friday brunch in Dubai? Where can we experience fine dining in Dubai? Are there also restaurants that offer live music here in Dubai? And guess what! Lebanese restaurants basically offer it all at once!
Some Lebanese restaurants in Dubai offer the complete experience with either a lunch buffet with Narghile and live music, or a dinner buffet with folklore music. In the heart of the city there are amazing options available for those who are looking for a taste of variety, combined with Lebanese tradition and culture.
Besides fine dining the Lebanese are party-loving that is why a good Lebanese restaurant offers live music: from folklore music played on the oud (al-ud’ in Arabic which means ‘the branch of a tree’) to songs of famous classic Lebanese artist such as Fairuz, Sabah, Marcel Khalife, and the modern sounds of Najwa Karam, Haifa Wehbe and Ziad Rahbani.
Lebanese dining is also famous for its relaxed tempo. Often people sit outside on a nice terrace in the afternoon sun: relaxing in a comfortable chair, sipping on a cold drink, with some some cold and warm mezzes, while passing on a water pipe. In Arabic known as Shisha or Narghile.
The Lebanese will do their best to convince you that a good meal is incomplete without a relaxing smoke from a Narghile. In conclusion, Lebanese fine dining is so inviting, enticing and engaging that you should try it at least once in a lifetime.

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